Oral Fixation on Kindle Bestseller Lists!

Something very sexy has happened. Suck and Lick have made it into Kindle Bestseller lists on Amazon.com.

Screenshot of Suck Ranking 19.12.11

Right at  the bottom, so they'll probably fall off again *sigh* The books are not doing so hot on Kindle UK, but are doing okay on Nook.

Anyway, I've now surpassed 600 total sales! Naturally I'm thrilled, and this makes me excited for the released of my new stuff soon.

And I got my first review on Kindle. Three Stars.

"There was a great build up, she was hungry, wanted it, and when she got it, squeezed every bit of pleasure out of it she could get. He hung on for the ride. I enjoyed it, but only gave it 3 stars as there was little there beside sex, however hot, I would have liked 'something more'."

So, hopefully, with longer work there will be the special "more". It's difficult to avoid the lure of cramming in too much backstory in an erotic short because you have to explore the sexual side of the story to a satisfactory level, but, it's great to get some feedback.
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