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Exciting, intimate, and quirky. Blow is a suave erotic short. Featuring the first of Christina's trysts with the men who dominate her fantasies, her sexual encounters awaken desire, and sensualize the raw power of hot sex.

eBook: Smashwords 
Christina nodded and settled back. Keeping her gaze averted, she slowly peeled her legs open, blushing. Her hand hovered over her smooth mound before her forefinger slid over her pulsing clit. She moaned. Shuddered. Gaining confidence, she opened her legs wider and her finger reached down, searching until it circled the reddened hole already oozing with her juices. She slipped her finger in and her head dropped back, chin jutting up. “James,” she groaned and pushed deeper, her toes curling.
“I’m here, right here.” James knelt down and watched as she pleasured herself. He leaned his head on her thigh and jacked off until he was so hard he thought he would burst. “I want to taste,” he demanded, voice husky.  
Christina’s finger slid from her sheath and she hesitantly placed the wet tip on his bottom lip. James sucked the digit into his mouth and swirled his tongue from base to knuckle. She tasted sweet. He nibbled a little before removing the finger from his mouth and burying his face in her pussy. He breathed in. Sweetly, pressed a kiss to where she burned, the last sweet thing he planned to do for a long time.
Christina cried out, her hands gripping the edge of the bed until the metal frame creaked at her twisting.
Still pumping his own erection, the flat of James’ tongue lapped at her clit. The short, hard lashes had Christina fisting her hands in his dark hair and grinding her hips in desperate jerks. “Yes, oh god, yes!”
His tongue twirled from low on her mons, to rasp over her clitoral hood. He flicked at her glans and finally pushed his tongue into her opening, licking up the cream. James worked his hand faster and used the middle finger to fuck Christina’s hole when his tongue went back to work on suckling her clit. He twisted his wrist so this thumb grazed over her perineum, making her convulse in anticipation. He rested the pad on the tight ring of her anus. He applied pressure, teasing her until she trembled from head to toe. James sucked her clit into his mouth, blew on it, and moved his thumb from side to side.
He murmured, “Oh, how I wish I’d won that last hand. That sweet ass of yours doesn’t belong to me, but one day soon, I’ll have my turn to fuck it good and hard.” He stood up and hooked her legs over his shoulders. He yanked her toward him so his engorged dick pushed at her inner pussy lips. “I’ll just have drive you crazy the old fashioned way. A little vanilla never hurt anybody.” He nipped her ankle. “Great shoes by the way. Sexy as hell.”
The bloated head of his cock punched past the entrance to her channel. He finished the move by slamming his hips forward.
Christina’s back bowed, a wordless cry strangled from her.
James threw his head back with a guttural, “Fuck!”

A twist of romance and a spritz of kink. Suck is the second of Christina's carnal romps with the men who do wicked things to naughty places.

eBook: Smashwords 
There are times when you have to lie back and take one for all female kind, and there are times when you should accept something is beyond what you can handle, and run screaming.
Matt crooked his finger at her as he massaged the swollen head of his cock with his forefinger and thumb. The base of the thick shaft was partially obscured by whorls of silky hair, and his balls were moist, the rough ridges streaking across a bulging sack. His phallus was the same creamy tone of his skin until it reached the apex. The colour darkened to a blushing pink, and the slit was ruddy. Sticky, lucent cream trickled from the slash, and Matt’s finger scooped it from around his engorged corona to rub it over the tender membrane on his glans. His long thick thighs flexed, and his narrow hips bucked. 
He would break her in half.
She wanted to suck it.
Squealing, Christina yanked off her heels, threw them over her shoulders, and dove off the daybed like an Olympic sprinter. She had a moment of Déjà Vu when James swept her up into his arms, except this time he laughed. He slung her over his shoulder like a sack of grain. Chris flailed her arms and legs until she felt a stinging slap on her buttock. She bit James’ side.
“Ouch! God, take her before she tears a chunk out of me.” James handed her over to another pair of arms. 
Blushing, slowly, she tilted her head to meet green eyes, lighter than her own that smoldered down at her. Tousled, shoulder-length blonde hair was slicked back from a handsome angular face. Gold stubble dusted his chin. His nose was a tad larger than the norm, and a bit crooked.
His keen gaze traced over her face, down to her breasts, and then over her stomach to stare at the slippery mound between her thighs.
His arms tightened possessively.
He smelt like soap.
“Ah, hey Matt. Lovely weather we’re having,” Christina managed weakly.
He chuckled low in his throat and walked her with him back into the bathroom. How did she forget that he was in there taking a shower? Had he heard James screwing her brains out? Had he heard her begging him to ride her harder? God, this was embarrassing.
Christina looked over his deliciously rounded shoulder at James, who followed behind with a wide grin on his face. He was not embarrassed at all. His semi hard cock swung between his muscular thighs, thighs that not too long ago had been stiff with excitement as he fucked her into oblivion.
Matt carefully put Chris down and handed her a bottle of lube he’d been carrying. Stunned, she took it. He was still damp and warm from his shower. Toned, did not begin to describe the dynamic perfection of his body. Long, strong limbs, broad shoulders, and brutally honed abdominals were a marvelous introduction to the tantalizing ridges of flesh that ran from narrow hips to his attention-grabbing groin. Christina creamed herself just looking at him.
Her eyes snapped lower. There was no stopping her eyeballs, really, the reels on a slot machine moved at a slower pace.

Lick is a visceral erotic short which merges edgy sex and vernal love. Christina is bursting from being filled with hopes, and dreams, and James, and Matt, and Luke....

eBook: Smashwords 
Christina had heard of cock fear before. She’d always thought it was bullshit, but the impossibly enigmatic Luke standing naked and dripping wet with an erection everyone in this shower (including her) believed her lips should be wrapped around … good god … she experienced bone deep terror.
What if she wasn’t enough for him?
James and Matt had coaxed responses out of Christina she’d never imagined she was capable of. Worse, she had a suspicion only these three could elicit such passion within her. They lured a carnal siren to the surface then fucked it right out if her.
Rascally devils.  
She straightened her shoulders. This was a once in a life opportunity and she wasn’t going to mess it up with stupid self doubts. She was resolved to give them all of her. She would be amazing, for them.
Luke waited for her to battle those obvious doubts silently. He understood her. In a look, he asked the question, and she answered just as quietly. “Get out,” he said.
Matt stood up, lifting Chris with him. He turned her head, his thumb pressing into her cheek and kissed her fervently. He chuckled when she swayed into him, wanting to submit. “See you in a while babe.” He left the shower and slung a towel low on his hips, sauntering away.
James took her hand and guided it to his rigid length. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and she squeezed him, enjoying the feel of his heat under her fingers. The tip left a smear of precum in her palm that was washed away in the jets of water coming from the shower. He nibbled her lip and only backed off because Luke cleared his throat. “I’ll be waiting for you.” He kissed her temple and left, sliding the door closed behind him.
She was left in the shower with Luke.
Their heavy breathing punctured the silence. Chris clenched her hands into fists, battling the urge to throw herself on him.
“Come to me,” he murmured.
She did, keeping her head bowed in submission, biting her lip. She kept her fists at her sides, not sure what to do next.
Luke touched her jaw, rubbed it absentmindedly. “I dream about you.” His other had rested low on her hip, but now rubbed up her back and pushed her into him. He rubbed his nose on hers. There was just lots and lots of … rubbing. Christina purred. “I wake up sticky because as I slept, dreaming about you blowing me, I’ve rubbed my cock until it exploded. I dream about your mouth.” He traced the seam of her lips with his tongue. “I dream about your tits.” He bent over and sucked a nipple, rolling the bud between his lips. “I dream about your sex.” He dropped to his knees, resolutely moved her legs apart, and spread her. He kissed her glistening pussy, lingering, breathing in. “I spend entire nights in agony, wishing you were in my bed, with me.”
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